5 Activities That Could Turn A Trademark Into A Valuable Brand

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5 Activities That Could Turn A Trademark Into A Valuable Brand When is a brand not a brand? When it’s just a trademark! We are often asked to value or sell a “brand” but when we perform our usual IP diligence we discover that only a trademark exists, sometimes registered but not always, and as a result the value is lower than ...

Procopio Webinar: Trade Secrets- The Protection vs Promotion Conundrum Explained

Our CEO Stephen Robertson as he partnered with Procopio to bring you ‘Trade Secrets – The Protection vs Promotion Conundrum Explained.’ This insightful fireside chat saw speakers sharing their stories on trade secrets and related topics. Key takeaways include: Event Information Date: Weds., 21st July 2021 Time: 5pm BST | 9am PT Registration Information: Thank you for your interest. The event ...

ACG Quebec Webinar- IP Assets: Valuations & Bridging the Gap

Join us as our CEO Stephen Robertson partners with ACG Quebec for their summer virtual masterclass; IP Assets: Valuations and Bridging the Gap. Learn how to: There has also been time allocated for networking and smaller break-out rooms. To register please email acgquebec@acg.org. Spaces are limited. Event Details Date: Weds., 28th July. 2021Time: 11am EST To register please email acgquebec@acg.org

Recognizing the Importance of Trade Secret Metadata

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Why it matters We noticed that trade secret metadata was being discussed within the LinkedIn community recently. As it happens, this is something not unfamiliar to us and our IP100 entrants. In fact, we will be working with an IP100 company on the development and implementation of their trade secret policy shortly. Next steps In summary, the strategy for the ...

Addleshaw Goddard Webinar: Data- A New Currency for Consumers and Businesses

Tuesday, July 6 2021: 15:30 GMT Data has evolved as a commodity that is bought, sold and even securitized in our new virtual business environment. In the increasingly digitized post Covid19 world, more data than ever is captured about how we live our lives at home and work. All this is happening at the same time as ever increasing legal ...

IP Drivers for a successful SPAC transaction

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IP Drivers for a successful SPAC transaction With twenty years of experience, the IP experts at Metis Partners have seen good M&A diligence and bad M&A diligence. Recent SPAC transactions have brought this into sharp focus. Are you seeking a SPAC to acquire your company? Maybe you are a SPAC Sponsor looking for the right acquisition. How can both parties ...

IP Assets Might Lift Some of the Dark Shadows Around the Retail Sector

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Missing intellectual property opportunities Having worked on IP valuations to support a number of CVAs in the last 12 months, we’ve seen many poor examples of retail businesses which are rich in IP assets (brands, store formats, online IP collateral, product partnerships etc.) that are contributing to revenue generation, yet the IP assets are still not being fully exploited.  We ...

IP Disruptors Episode 4: Built to Win: How to Benchmark & Build Your IP Strategy for Long-term Success

IP Disruptors 2021: a series developed in partnership with IP 100 and Patsnap, a global leader in connected innovation intelligence with 50,000 members. The IP Disruptors series for 2021 will feature 10 webinars led by Stephen Robertson, founder of Metis Partners and creator of IP100.  Webinar content is centered around IP strategy and in particular the key themes explored in ...

Trade Secrets: How To Turn Knowledge Into A Valuable Intangible Asset

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We all know the old maxim: “knowledge is power”. Here at Metis Partners, we utilise our expertise in the field of intellectual property strategy and monetisation to provide companies with the knowledge and skills they need to maximise the commercial exploitation of their IP assets. But knowledge comes in various forms, some of which can benefit your company and some ...