Does IP have value in Financial Distress? 

For companies in financial distress or undergoing a corporate restructuring or transformation project , it is important to identify and appraise all of the key assets of the business that will either facilitate a successful turnaround or be sold to recover value, should the worst case occur. 

Our IP valuations are being used by: 

  • Bankruptcy and restructuring advisors: identifying IP value that can be recovered from distressed businesses to facilitate a turnaround or to maximize recovery for creditors.
  • For lenders making decisions on new or stretch lending: wanting to understand the ‘downside’ valuation – what is the IP likely to be worth if the worst were to happen and IP is sold to recover value. We know, because we not only offer intellectual property valuations, we also specialize in selling intellectual properties in such scenarios.

Why use Metis? 

We perform the majority of these assignments to highly accelerated timescales, relying on our focused Metisology® approach, we ensure the most valuable IP is identified to ensure advisers are confident that their regulatory responsibilities are being met and they are fulfilling their obligations under the Bankruptcy Code(s). 

Professional trust is the reason we get repeat referrals. 

  • We respond quickly and have worked on more than a thousand IP transactions.
  • We recognize advisers’ responsibilities and alert them to actions that can preserve IP value. 
  • Our IP Valuations are realistic and reliable: they are benchmarked against our proprietary IP sales database containing market data from our prior IP sales and 3rd party sales.
  • We have helped recover $millions from the sale of IP assets from financial distress and bankruptcy.