Whether you exit via M&A, SPAC or IPO, your investors (and you) will be keen to get the best possible valuation. Sometimes a small ding during due diligence can actually erase value. While on the other hand, good corporate habits like cultivating an IP portfolio or earning consistent brand visibility — or implementing your own programmatic M&A deals — can increase exit valuation multiples more than one might expect.

In this edition of our Exit Strategies webinar series, a panel of ‘been there’ entrepreneurs will talk about what governance and operational infrastructure you should put in place from day one to be due-diligence ready — and what ‘secret sauce’ ingredients to build into your culture to achieve optimal exit valuation.


  • Stephen Robertson, Founder, Metis Partners & IP100
  • Mihir Jobalia, M&A practice lead, KPMG
  • Craig Vachon, CEO, AI Redefined & Investor, NextStage
  • Mark Addison, Founder,

Event Details

Date: Thurs., 2nd Dec. 2021
Time: 12:00pm PST

Registration Information

Thank you for your interest. The event is closed for registration. Please contact us to learn more!

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