IP 101- What is Intellectual Property?

Understanding the fundamentals of intellectual property is the first step in identifying, protecting, managing and exploiting your valuable IP assets. IP assets exist in all companies, whether it is formal IP such as registered trade marks, copyright and patents, or informal IP such as trade secrets and know how.

It is likely that your IP assets are underpinning the growth of your business, helping to protect market share and securing your future cash flows, and so these assets should be protected and managed as key resources of your business. Lenders, investors, board members and acquirors also need to understand the role that your IP assets play in your business, so it is important to update your IP narrative.

To help you identify the key IP assets in your business, we have provided a brief overview of the typical IP assets found in many businesses and explained their role and importance.

Or learn about IP through the experience of others – check out our client’s case studies to read about how some of our clients have successfully identified and leveraged their IP assets in numerous corporate scenarios. Our IP community extends across all sectors and includes typical and a-typical IP assets, which we have helped clients identify and value.  

Formal IP

Formal IP shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes time to value your company. Discover just how to incorporate them into your books in our review of what is formal IP. You can also learn about copyrights, trademarks, what is a patent, designs, and more!

Informal IP

Informal IP, while incapable of registration, is equally important in maintaining or driving your company’s competitive advantage. Learn more about the Informal IP Assets you may not even realize you have, in our review of what is informal IP. You can also delve into trade secrets, Why are brand and reputation so important, strategy and market intelligence, to name a few.

Frequently Asked Questions

Intellectual Property isn’t as simple as “what” – there are many questions about the “how” and “why” of IP. We’ve worked hard to provide you with all of the ins and out such as What is an intellectual property strategy, What is an intellectual property license, What is IP backed Finance and more!