At Metis Partners, we have worked with C-suites, lenders, and investors to manage the sale of their business and intellectual property (IP) assets within 'going concern' scenarios. Our well-established IP sale process focuses on pre-marketing and sales channel development to ensure success. We begin focusing on the IP inventory, IP price & value formation and then move into the IP sale process.

That same approach is used for “distress or insolvent and bankrupt” IP asset sale scenarios.  We believe our pre-marketing augments the sales strategy as we identify possible buyers, presenting them with opportunities to unlock growth or engage in valuable bolt-on acquisitions across diverse sectors. Our approach, strategy, and, most significantly, our reputation, serve as a trusted resource for restructuring and bankruptcy advisers, corporations, investors, lenders, as well as successful businesses and global brands.

We have successfully sold over 100+ IP asset bundles including brands, patents, technology, trade secrets and valuable data.  We’ve achieved success in various sectors and industries often securing $millions in proceeds and we invite you to explore the industries and sectors below that align with your business domain, for a comprehensive overview of all IP assets sold at Metis Partners.


Luxury Fashion • Music & Video • Cosmetics• Specialist Sports • Designer Homeware • Equestrian Equipment • Brand Licensing • Consumer Electronics • High Street Fashion • Lingerie • Flooring • Discount Footwear • Florist Ecom • Fine Jewelry • Streetwear • Specialist Foods • Furniture • Department Stores • DIY • Urban Fashion • Electronics • Heritage Retail Brand • Home Goods • Music Equipment • Fast Fashion


Food Processing • Scanning Devices • Paper & Packaging • Transceiver Devices • Vehicle Components • HVAC systems • Water Treatment • Food & Drink Equipment • Fireworks • Industrial Fasteners • Lighting • Prefab Constructions • Confectionary

IoT & Software

Ecommerce Payment Platform • Cloud Storage • Digital Music Software • Insure-Tech • Social Media Platform • Ecommerce Services • Gaming • Hosting for Recruitment • Digital Music Platform • AI Software • Development Tools • Web Hosting for Marketing • CMS for Healthcare • Software Development • Children's Gaming App • Logistics App

Material Science & Engineering

Ceramic Coatings • Turbine Technology • Alternative Energy Provider • Green Waste Disposal • Hydroponic Cultivation • Microscience Technology • Toxin Detection • Fire Protection Coatings • Energy Sensing Devices • Water Decontamination Treatment •

Media & Communication

Digital Media Agency • Social Media Platform • TV Channel • Online Sports Publisher • Graphic Design Agency • Digital Marketing & Design • Publishing House • Digital Marketing Software Platform •

Business & Financial Services

Digital Marketing Recruitment • Payday Loan Provider • Corporate Training • Freight Management • Auto Dealer Software • Management Institute • Office Supplies • Music Licensing Consultancy • Food & Drink Wholesaler

Healthcare & Medtech

Pharma Medtech • Medical Device Development • Healthcare & Patient Data Software • Diagnostic Devices Developer • Diagnostics & Therapeutics Solutions •

Leisure & Entertainment

Festivals and Music Events • Coffee Chain Retailer• Music Back-Catalogue • Event Management Business • Digital Travel Agency • Juice Bar Chain • Alcohol Distributer • Digital Travel Voucher Provider • Travel Software Platform