SOLD: CatalySystems IP Asset Sale

SOLD: CatalySystems IP Asset Sale

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Eileen Blackburn of French Duncan LLP, the Liquidator of CatalySystems Limited (in Liquidation) (“CatalySystems” or “the Company”), has appointed Metis Partners to support the marketing and sale of the intellectual property (“IP”) assets belonging to the Company.


  • Innovative, Market-Ready Water Decontamination Technology Product
  • Granted Patents in UK and Australia
  • Trade Mark Protection in Europe, US and India
  • Global Brand with Worldwide Partners

This is a unique opportunity to purchase the IP assets behind innovative water decontamination technology. IP assets for sale include: granted patents, goodwill rights in the product and corporate brands, portfolio of registered and unregistered trade marks, trade secrets, website content, domain names and organisational knowledge.


All offers and requests for more information should be submitted by email direct to Morven Fraser ( The deadline for offers is set at Friday 28th April at noon.


Incorporated in 2009, CatalySystems was a manufacturer of a range of water decontamination systems, under the brand name, Gyrecat. The Company had carried out considerable research and development, with its first patent granted in 2012. Since then the Company had undertaken lab-scale and real world pilot-scale studies to test the feasibility of a commercial-scale solution.

The Gyrecat technology is able to decontaminate water through an innovative treatment known as advanced oxidation processes (“AOP”), which destroys contaminants such as bacteria. The technology is based on photocatalysis, which has the broadest spectrum of organic decontamination performance at the lowest energy cost.

To date, over £1m has been invested in developing the Company’s technology and it could offer opportunities for companies operating in the water decontamination and reuse industry, greywater recycling, onshore oil and gas operations and agriculture.



The Gyrecat technology utilises AOP, allowing water decontamination to operate at ambient temperature and pressures. The systems work by combining photocatalysis and UV light.

Unlike traditional catalysts, the patented CatalySystems catalyst is not mixed in fluid or fixed, but is in pellet form, enhancing photocatalytic decontamination through increased surface area and improved oxygenation.

The Company’s technology relies on a patented process comprising the following elements:

  • The apparatus comprises a reaction chamber having a longitudinal axis and comprising a fluid inlet and a fluid outlet displaced in a longitudinal direction;
  • A bearing surface is provided for a layer of mobile photocatalyst particles disposed between the fluid inlet and the fluid outlet, and a reactant fluid flowing between the fluid inlet and the fluid outlet contracts the layer of mobile photocatalyst particle; and
  • A formation is provided to redirect the fluid flow through the layer of mobile photocatalyst particles to increase the contact of the fluid with the layer of mobile photocatalyst particles.


This opportunity is likely to be of interest to those operating in the following areas:

  • Water Decontamination and Reuse
  • Greywater Recycling
  • Agriculture
  • Onshore Oil and Gas Operations
  • Patent Acquisition


  • Granted Patents Protecting the Gyrecat Technology in UK and Australia

  • Goodwill Rights in the Gyrecat Product Brand and the CatalySystems Corporate Brand
  • Registered Trade Mark Portfolio
  • Unregistered Trade Marks
  • Websites and Website Content
  • Domain Names
  • Portfolio of Trade Secrets
  • Organisational Knowledge