I Want To License or Sell My IP

Metis Partners is a market leader in selling IP both in and out of insolvent scenarios. Our bespoke sales and marketing exercise highlights the value in IP assets in a way that increases competitive tension and maximises the financial return on these assets. From building a tailored database of potentially interested parties, which includes our global network of contacts interested in acquiring IP, to handling and negotiating all expressions of interest, our comprehensive process ensures that you will receive the best possible return on your IP.

If you have core and/or non-core IP assets you’re looking to sell, click here to see how we can help you with your IP commercialisation strategy.

Metis Partners has recovered over £6m for insolvency practitioners from the sale of IP assets. To see how you can get the best return in an insolvent scenario, click here.

To read about our past IP sales, click here, or check out our News & Events page to see press coverage relating to some of our most notable sales.