How can trademarks be used? 

A trademark is a symbol which can distinguish the goods and services of one trader from another: words, logos, pictures or a combination. Your trademark allows it to be used in relation to good and services and can oppose similar imitations or copies. 

What cannot be registered as a trademark? 

Words or logos which would not be considered as a distinguishing mark or a description of goods and services. Offensive, illegal, deceptive or protected symbols. Invented words are allowed. 

Commercial identifiers 

Trademarks are only one section within a class of IP assets called “commercial identifiers”: 

  • Company Identifiers: company name and logo; 
  • Product Identifiers: brand names (symbol, letter, design, icon)design marks e.g. Coca Cola’s famous ribbed bottle; 
  • Service Identifiers: service offered, shape and decoration of stores. 

Commercial identifiers are the most overlooked IP assets by entrepreneurs – however, trademark protection is an important component of a company’s overall IP strategy, and is critical when considering the overall market status and presence of your business. This can be detrimental to the security of a business’s assets and can potentially lead to an undervaluing of the business when considering an exit strategy. 

What are the timescales? 

It takes roughly 3 months for a trademark to be approved if it has no objections 

More about Formal Intellectual Properties

In the world of intellectual properties, the sky’s the limit. There are so many things that can be trademarked. Additionally, there are opportunities for copyrights, registered designs, and patents. At Metis Partners, we provide insight into all intellectual property areas including intellectual property valuations, intellectual property advisory and more.