Metisology® underpins everything we do at Metis.

This is our approach to discovery. Discovery of your intellectual property assets and your business model.

We uncover how you leverage your IP to meet strategic business objectives. We discover how IP contributes to revenues and protects your market position. We reveal how your IP underpins the growth of your business.

We need the full picture to identify and assess the extent and quality of the IP. It ensures we are confidently delivering a robust and reliable IP service.

Metisology® extends into a wealth of documented Key Organizational Knowledge. We use detailed question tailored for each client and used on initial discovery call. We undertake industry and sector benchmarking and analysis. We use proprietary IP scores and scorecards and much more! These are our own critical IP assets and differentiator that provides competitive advantage. Metisology® is our trade secret and THE secret to our success.


10 Asset Areas Underpinning Business Competitive Advantage
IP Assets
Brand & Reputation Brand & Reputation
Trade Secrets Trade Secrets
Key Organizational Knowledge Key Organizational Knowledge
Strategy & Market Intelligence Strategy & Market Intelligence
Critical Customer Relationships Critical Customer Relationships
Know-How & Key People Know-How & Key People
Formal Intellectual Property Formal Intellectual Property
R&D Innovation R&D Innovation
Critical Business Processes Critical Business Processes
Critical Partners & Suppliers Critical Partners & Suppliers
Information Discovery

We identify all the company’s IP assets and assess how well they are protected and managed.

IP Mapping

We map each IP asset to products, services, revenues and forecasts to determine which IP assets underpin the material cash flows of the business.

IP Valuation

We appraise the IP assets that are both valuable and critical to the scalability and growth of the business – these assets create a competitive moat around the business and protect future cash flows.