SOLD: Smart Tech IP Asset Sale


Donald McNaught of Johnston Carmichael LLP, the Liquidator of Smart Tech Limited (in Liquidation) (“Smart Tech” or “the Company”), has appointed Metis Partners to support the marketing and sale of the intellectual property (“IP”) assets relating to the Company.


  • Granted Patent Coverage
  • Portfolio of Registered Trade Marks providing Brand Protection
  • Well-Established Horticulture Research Company
  • A Number of Unregistered Designs
  • Unique and Innovative Technology

This is a unique opportunity to purchase the intellectual property assets behind Smart Tech, a horticultural technology company focussed on the application of patented speciality polymer technologies.


All offers and requests for further information should be submitted by email directly to Morven Fraser ( of Metis Partners. The deadline for offers has been set at 12pm on Wednesday 24th November.



Smart Tech was a horticultural technology company, set up for the purpose of commercialising patented speciality technology in the fields of water management, hydroponics, plant care and hi-tech soil enhancement. Smart Tech developed patented watering control solutions and sensors based on Hydrogel Polymer Technologies for both traditional and hydroponic cultivation.

Smart Tech has created a number of products to commercialise the technology, namely the HappiRoot, Smart Valve, Smart Cushion, Smart Slice and TCHR. The products were designed to produce systems for both the home enthusiast looking for the perfect crop, as well as industrial cultivators, plant transporters and retailers looking to reduce costs and minimise plant loss.

To date, the Company has worked with a number of companies including Garden Innovations and Highlight Horticulture. With a number of patented technologies, Smart Tech presents a potentially significant opportunity for the hydroponic and water management sector. Given the unique patents and technology that underpin the Company’s technologies, there are also significant monetisation opportunities through worldwide licensing or infringement actions.



HappiRoot is a pH neutral peat-free growing medium which can be used on its own or mixed with other appropriate substrates. HappiRoot improves the growing properties of even the poorest growing media in areas where drought conditions may challenge plant growth.


Smart Cushion is an innovative watering system that was designed to water plants efficiently and reliably by providing a reservoir of water which is released into the plants roots over time. There are a number of benefits that can be achieved through using Smart Cushion, including reduced plant loss, as well as savings on plant maintenance costs.


Allowing any user to set up a maintenance free system with a tray, pots and a water supply, the Smart Valve, activated by a non-powered moisture and humidity sensor, is a patented regulator to control the flow of water to plants. The Smart Valve’s adjustable depth regulator gives growers great flexibility to vary water reservoir volumes to best suit both seasons and plant species.


The Company has also developed TCHR as an alternative tissue culture plant media to agar. TCHR is bacteria and insect inert, and the patented polymer is designed to be a more consistent, more reliable and more economical alternative than agar.


The Smart Slice is the result of four years of extensive research and development utilising polymer technologies. Within its unique polymer structure, the Smart Slice can store volumes of liquid for weeks, saving water, time and effort.


  • International patent portfolio
  • Extensive trade mark portfolio
  • Unregistered design rights
  • Brand and Reputation
  • Branded Domain Name and Website Content
  • Organisational Knowledge