SOLD: Dipstix IP Asset Sale


Steven Wiseglass of Inquesta, the Liquidator of Dipstix Limited (In Liquidation), (“Dipstix” or the “Company”), has appointed Metis Partners to support the marketing and sale of the intellectual property assets (“IP assets”) belonging to the Company.


  • Innovative, Well-Regarded Brand
  • Fully Functioning Software Platform
  • Valuable Customer and Garage Databases
  • Unique Domain Names
  • Attractive Website Content

This is a unique opportunity to acquire the IP assets behind the attractive comparison site in the motor servicing space including software, branded websites and domain names, as well as customer and supplier data.


All offers and requests for more information should be submitted by email directly to Aylin Dzhafer ( or Nat Baldwin ( The deadline for offers has been set for Thursday 14th July 2016 at Noon.


Dipstix operated as a comparison site acting as an aggregator for independent garages across the UK, connecting motorists wanting to compare quotes for vehicle maintenance with garages meeting their criteria.  At its peak, the Dipstix website attracted approximately 18,000 unique views per month, circa 400 of which would be converted into bookings.


The Company had approximately 1,100 independent garages signed up to the service – with an estimated 80% of those garages in the northwest of England.  Dipstix had also established several partnerships with garages nationwide, demonstrating the scalability of the service and its potential.  With an estimated target market size of approximately 10m customers, Dipstix had succeeded in attracting circa 10,000 customers shortly after its launch.  Value in the Dipstix brand has been built via online advertising and press coverage.  The ‘Driver Magazine’, accessible via the Dipstix website, served as an attractive brand enhancing feature.



Dipstix Platform

The fully developed Dipstix platform provided an attractive and easy to use interface for users.  It allowed customers to create accounts, find garages, manage bookings and make payments easily.  Garages could manage bookings with ease, whilst the Company operated an administration system allowing for garage accounts to be activated and consumer bookings to be communicated.  A ratings and reviews system was also implemented, offering an attractive feature to customers.  Software development in relation to the Dipstix platform has been documented extensively.


  • Goodwill in the brand & reputation
  • Fully functioning software platform
  • Customer and garage databases
  • Website & branded domain names
  • Unregistered trade marks
  • Software development documentation
Dipstix image