SOLD: Aquamarine Power IP Asset Sale


James Stephen and Francis Newton of BDO LLP, the Joint Administrators of Aquamarine Power Limited (in Administration) (“Aquamarine Power” or “the Company”), have appointed Metis Partners to support the marketing and sale of the intellectual property (“IP”) assets relating to the Company.


  • Global Market Opportunity
  • Unique and Cutting-Edge Wave Technology
  • Market Leading Patented Technology
  • Extensive International Patent Protection
  • Innovative Well-Regarded Brand
  • Patent Licensing Opportunities

This is a unique opportunity to buy the IP assets of Aquamarine Power, an industry leader in the renewable wave energy market. Aquamarine Power’s unique technology is an offshore converter of waves’ motion into electrical energy.


All offers and requests for more information should be submitted by email directly to Morven Fraser at or Nat Baldwin at The deadline for offers has been set at Thursday 21st January 2016 at Noon.


Aquamarine Power is an industry leading renewable energy company, founded to bring innovative wave energy technology to the commercial renewables market.

The Aquamarine Power technology features the internationally patent-protected device, named the Oyster, which captures energy from nearshore waves and turns it into grid-compliant electricity.

To date, the Company has spent around £90million on developing and advancing its technology, and has built a considerable IP asset portfolio including extensive designs.

Aquamarine Power could provide further opportunities for companies in the oil and gas market and the renewables market as well as the desalination market. Given the unique patents that underpin the Company’s technology, there are also significant monetisation opportunities through worldwide licensing or infringement actions.

aquamarine power2


Aquamarine Power’s Oyster device uses a surface-piercing hinged flap, which is almost entirely underwater, and pitches backwards and forwards in the waves.  The movement of this flap drives two hydraulic pistons which push high pressure water onshore via a subsea pipeline to drive a conventional hydro-electric turbine, creating grid-compliant electricity.

Aquamarine Power’s technology has been tested through development at the wave testing units at the Queen’s University Belfast as well as at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) at Billia Croo, Orkney. The 2nd generation device, Oyster800, has been deployed for four years in the high energy environment at EMEC, generating valuable test data whilst producing grid-compliant electricity.

The technology has been patent-protected, and thousands of designs have been created through the unique production of the Oyster devices.


  • Extensive granted patents and patent applications
  • Design rights portfolio including a registered design
  • Organisational knowledge
  • Goodwill in the brand and reputation
  • Branded domain names and website content
  • Registered trade marks