Tullis Russell IP Asset Sale


Blair Nimmo and Tony Friar of KPMG LLP, Joint Administrators of Tullis Russell Papermakers Limited (in Administration) (‘‘Tullis Russell’’ or ‘‘the Company’’) have appointed Metis Partners to support the marketing and sale of the intellectual property (“IP”) assets of the Company.

IP Highlights

  • Popular Paper and Board Product Brands
  • Established, Well-Known & Respected Names
  • Heritage Built Since 1809
  • Global Brand Awareness
  • Numerous Registered Trade Marks
  • Valuable Customer Information
  • Unique Furnishes & Technical Specifications


All offers/notes of interest should be directed to Nat Baldwin at nat@metispartners.com. To receive our full “Intellectual Property Assets Highlights” document, contact Nat via email or call 0141 353 3011.

This is a unique opportunity to acquire the intellectual property assets of Tullis Russell, which include an extensive portfolio of product brands, unique furnishes and technical specifications


Tullis Russell was a leading manufacturer, producing high quality paper and boards for use in the premium packaging, graphical, cards and covers markets.

The Company primarily sold to distributors/paper merchants and large graphical printers. It also provided products directly to end-users, including numerous high-profile global brand holders in sectors including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, confectionary, beverages, audio visual and IT. Strong relationships have been established with a range of customers such as L’Oreal, Swarovski, Chanel, Hallmark, Nokia, M&S, Nivea, Origins, Bombay Sapphire and Finlandia. As part of the Company’s commitment to careful sourcing, all of its product brands are fully FSC certified.

Paper and board brands

Founded in 1809, the company has established a number of well-known, highly-regarded product brands. Its brands are relied on by many end-users who specify the use of Tullis Russell grades, such as its prominent Trucard product range, in their printers. The Company’s brands are linked to significant sales and revenue. In 2014, the Company sold circa 126,000 tonnes of paper and board and had a turnover of £124.6 million.

Awareness of the brands extends internationally, with the Company selling into over 120 countries. The Company’s expertise (built over 200 years) and its focus on technological advancement and product innovation has resulted in the market-leading Tullis Russell product brands being associated with quality and performance.

Popular brands include:

  • TRUCARD – the market-leading coated and uncoated SBS board brand specified by many premium global brands.
  • TRUFLO – the coating operation used to manufacture “TRU” grades.
  • MELLOTEX – the trusted business paper brand, established in the 1930’s and the first product approved by Canon for colour copying.
  • GEMINI – the cartonboard product brand acquired by the Company in a multi-million pound deal.
  • LUSTRULUX – the highly polished cast coated board brand.
  • CYPHER – the versatile, smooth, high white paper and board brand.
  • MICRADOC – the security paper brand featuring unique technology.
  • OCAREAD – the security paper brand featuring unique technology.
  • TONERFIX – the security paper product feature brand.
  • VERIFY – the security paper product feature brand.
  • VITANOVA – the attractively named paper brand.

IP Assets for sale

  • Product brand names
  • Registered trade marks
  • Furnishes and technical product specifications
  • Customer and sales information