SOLD: Blinkbox Music IP Asset Sale

Blinkbox Music

This is a unique opportunity to acquire the intellectual property assets of Blinkbox Music, an established music streaming platform available via the web and on mobile devices with a base of over 3.5 million listeners.


  • Established digital platform
  • Intelligent behavioural learning algorithms
  • Extensive and valuable behavioural data
  • Loyal audience
  • Attractive website content


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Blinkbox Music is an established music streaming platform available over the web and via iOS and Android apps and has a wide and loyal customer base. £millions has been invested in creating and developing the Blinkbox Music offering.

Revenue has primarily been generated through advertising whereby advertisers pay monthly fees to deliver adverts to all or a particular targeted segment of the valuable Blinkbox user base. In addition to the Company’s free streaming offering, an ad-free subscription service has also been offered at £1 a week, positioning Blinkbox Music at an extremely competitive price point for the UK market. The profile of the Blinkbox Music service has also benefited from significant expenditure on marketing, with circa £7m being spent last year including on Above The Line television advertising campaigns.

Having established a loyal following, Blinkbox Music has a user base of over 4.7 million listeners. The current number of active monthly listeners is circa 370k.


The Company’s software and technology has been developed by a skilled team of in-house developers. The source code has been professionally written, using an Agile development process, and software has been tested by a distinct testing team.

Considerable R&D effort has been made in monitoring the entire user experience, along with user behaviour and track choices. Data gathered has been fed back into continuous improvement of the Blinkbox Music offering and the optimisation of the platform’s features.

Blinkbox Music has developed advanced algorithms to enable the service to successfully create personalised music stations for users. The platform’s competitive advantages include the ability to provide tracks that have a similar mood, feel or flow to a track “liked” by the user, rather than simply suggesting a number of tracks from the same album.


  • Platform/software source code
  • Algorithms
  • User database
  • Behavioural user profile data
  • Organisational knowledge
  • Website content & domain name