What is Organisational Knowledge?

Organisational knowledge is a company’s developed “know-how” which has been codified and is capable of being shared across the company as a whole. This may take a variety of forms including training programs, systems and procedures, technical specifications and/or databases. Taking this knowledge out of the heads of individuals (see: know-how), documenting it and keeping it secure helps to protect a company’s competitive advantage and creates a platform for the business’s growth and scalability.

This step of creating and recording valuable organisational knowledge is the critical transition from company “know-how” to a solid, transferable IP asset. That is not to say that “know-how” is not valuable, but organisational knowledge allows possession of company procedures that could otherwise be lost in the heads of its employees.

How does organisational knowledge apply to me?

Organisational knowledge likely exists in some form within every company. This could be in the form of training manuals, best practice, brand guidelines and technical specifications, to name just a few examples.These pieces of organisational knowledge may be critical to your company, and may enhance its value proposition in advance of funding or exit – but only if they are identified, managed and properly protected. Our IP Audit can help you get to grips with the key organisational knowledge in your company, and whether any of this organisational knowledge merits protection as a trade secret.

Proper management of your organisational knowledge (and other critical IP assets) is the key to business growth, and can transform potential funding options available to your company. If you want to know more, please get in touch.