Innovative pharmaceutical patent portfolio from Osteologix is on sale from Metis Partners

Innovative pharmaceutical patent portfolio from Osteologix is on sale from Metis Partners


An exciting pharmaceutical patent portfolio from the Osteologix group is on sale from Metis Partners, the award-winning commercial intellectual property consulting firm.

In recent years, bone diseases such as osteoporosis have been increasing due to longer life expectancy and related vitamin and mineral deficiencies. The NHS states that osteoporosis is now a ‘fairly common condition’, affecting 3 million people in the UK and causing more than 300,000 injuries requiring hospital treatment every year.

Similarly, NICE research has shown that 10 million UK residents are Vitamin D deficient – a nutrient necessary for calcium absorption and bone growth and repair.

Osteologix’s extensive patent portfolio was created to provide an innovative pharmaceutical solution for bone and joint tissue conditions. The Osteologix technology was used in the development and exploration of solutions for diseases encompassing disorders where bone and cartilage metabolism is affected, such as osteoporosis.

The Osteologix patent portfolio comprises five patent families, all of which include granted patents. These include a wide range of protection for strontium salts in relation to bone related diseases, such as osteoarthritis, metastatic bone disease, secondary osteoporosis and renal disease. Within these five families, numerous patents have been granted internationally, with coverage including Europe, the US, Japan, China and Australia.

Nat Baldwin, Head of Corporate Recovery & Brokerage at Metis Partners, said: “This is an exciting opportunity, especially with current health trends, and provides potential for licensing agreements worldwide.”

The IP assets include an international patent portfolio as well as goodwill and reputation linked to the brand. The IP assets are likely to be of interest to pharmaceutical, biomedical and healthcare companies, and businesses operating in the areas of medical devices and nutritional supplements.

The patents are registered for all mammals, so this opportunity is also applicable for those who specialise in veterinary medicine and animal pharmaceuticals.

The deadline for offers is at noon on Thursday 28th April 2016.

This sale reinforces the position of Metis Partners of IP sales in the technology and medical devices sector which have included those of Pharmacy Plus, PwB Health (Breastlight) and Viragen.

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Orthopaedic Product News: Innovative pharmaceutical patent portfolio from Osteologix is on sale from Metis Partners

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