SOLD: Gazoob Limited IP Asset Sale


Gazoob Limited (“Gazoob” or “the Company”), have appointed Metis Partners to support the marketing and sale of the intellectual property (“IP”) assets relating to the Company.


  • Revenue Generating Mobile Applications
  • Innovative Cloud-Based Video Service for Schools
  • Attractive Branding
  • Extensive Marketing Material Portfolio
  • Valuable Contact Database
  • Trade Mark Protection
  • Websites and Domain Names


This is a unique opportunity to acquire the IP assets of mobile application and educational software solutions provider, Gazoob Limited. The portfolio includes revenue-generating software assets and well-regarded brands.

All offers and requests for more information should be submitted by email directly to Aylin Dzhafer at The deadline for offers has been set at noon, Monday 22nd February 2016.


Gazoob offers software-based products and services in two main directions – sales of a range of educational apps and provision of cloud-based video services for schools via the SchoolVID platform.

The Company’s three main brands – Gazoob, Digital Learning Delivery and SchoolVID have achieved recognition as a result of regular business development and marketing activities including attendance at trade shows, book fairs, conferences and email and direct marketing campaigns.


Educational Apps

The Company has a number of educational apps developed to a high technical standard and featuring visually attractive content. The apps are associated with steady monthly revenues.

The Gazoob apps feature licensed-in content from popular book series to supplement or assist school learning.  Gazoob’s attractive portfolio includes apps relating to the “Read with Biff, Chip and Kipper” book series, the “Letterland” phonics scheme, the “Purple Turtle” book series, and the “Dockside” reading scheme. The Company has also developed a free app, branded “Rose the Spider”, for young deaf and hearing children.

SchoolVID Cloud Based Video Platform

The Company has invested considerable resource in developing its innovative ‘SchoolVID’ solution offering a user-friendly, cloud-based, video storage and distribution platform for schools. SchoolVID is marketed under the Company’s ‘Digital Learning Delivery’ umbrella which was launched to act as the provider of the SchoolVID platform. The product is revenue generating, and currently has a small number of paying customers and circa 40 schools using the platform on a free trial basis. Demand for the platform is likely to increase as mandatory video capture is implemented for learning and assessment in subjects like Physical Education and G.C.S.E English.

SchoolVID is an end-to-end platform facilitating the operation of a number of components including the SchoolVID Upload App, media processing app, file management and storage element and the SchoolVID website front end. The platform was developed in-house and allows content to be accessed securely on a range of devices.



  • Goodwill Rights in the Gazoob, SchoolVID and Digital Learning Delivery brands
  • Registered Trade Marks
  • Mobile Applications Software/Source Code
  • SchoolVID Software/Source Code
  • Website and Domain Names
  • Contact Database
  • Valuable Organisational Knowledge
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