SOLD: Matchchat IP Asset Sale


Matchchat Limited (“Matchchat” or “the Company”) has appointed Metis Partners to support the marketing and sale of the intellectual property (“IP”) assets belonging to the Company.


  • Established Fan Engagement Brand
  • Extensive Media Exposure
  • Attractive Branded Domain Names
  • Industry Leading Software and Technology
  • 50-60 Million Impressions Per Month
  • Advanced Recommendation Algorithm
  • Loyal Audience
  • Valuable User Database


This is a unique opportunity to purchase the intellectual property assets behind a leading fan engagement platform with native advertising functions and an extensive audience.

All offers and requests for more information should be submitted by email directly to Morven Fraser at The deadline for offers has been set at noon Thursday 22nd October 2015.



Matchchat is a leading fan engagement solution provider that has been developing and offering a suite of easy-to-use software tools relating to audience engagement and native advertising. Having achieved circa 2 million page views per day at its peak, around 50-60 million impressions per month, and with around 30,000 registered users currently, the Matchchat brand is now widely recognised within the football, entertainment, and media industries.

Matchchat products are utilised by over 130 websites including fan websites of a number of football clubs such as Manchester United, Liverpool, West Ham United, Newcastle United, Chelsea and Arsenal.


Matchchat’s innovative platform comprises a suite of five publishing tools for user interaction including the following tools:

Matchchat Comments

Matchchat’s commenting platform is used by websites allowing user discussion following web articles. In-feed advertising supporting a range of formats is enabled on this platform.

Matchchat Voting

Matchchat’s polling widget encourages users to engage in a text or image based poll, increasing fan engagement.

Matchchat Mobile Engaging Banner

By sticking to the bottom of a mobile screen and being refreshed intermittently, Matchchat’s banner displays relevant information about the corresponding website and current levels of engagement such as the number of comments and number of page views.

Now Native Content Recommendation Engine

An internal content recommendation widget which displays the most recent and “engaging” articles to a user of a given website. Now Native’s widget can also be deployed within Matchchat Comments, through a “swipe feature” on mobile, a “feed” on a mobile site or as a widget on a computer.

Now Native Pre-content Advertising

The Now Native branded module that allows publishers to monetise their most engaged mobile users. As a user navigates from one web article to another, a full-page mobile ad is displayed before the next article is loaded.


  • Software Source Code and Algorithm
  • Databases and Data
  • Goodwill in the Brand and Reputation of both the Matchchat and Now Native Brands
  • Branded Domain Names & Website Content
  • Organisational Knowledge


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