SOLD: Octagon IP Asset Sale

SOLD: Octagon IP Asset Sale

Previously patent backed, innovative, pre-fabricated building solutions offering a fast and simple solution to shelter and housing issues in areas of deprivation.

IP Assets for Sale

  • Unregistered Trademarks linked to Octagon’s Product / Corporate Brands
  • Rights in the associated goodwill in the Octagon Brand
  • Designs drawings and User Manuals related to the Company’s products
  • UK Patent Application
  • Domain name and Website content
  • Copyright in Marketing Material including Octagon’s Youtube Channel


Metis Partners have been appointed to market and sell the intellectual property assets (IP assets) relating to Octagon Europe Limited (in Liquidation)(“the Company”).

Business Overview

Formed in 2003 and based in Scotland, Octagon provided innovative pre-fabricated building solutions in response to the global need for sustainable buildings, affordable housing and secure shelter. The Octagon range of products which were developed utilising the Company’s “ReBUS” technology (a sustainable, flexible and modular building system) offers a fast and simple solution to shelter and housing issues in areas of deprivation including refugee camps, military bases as well as to house International Aid workers.

The Company extensively marketed its products to government agencies, non-governmental organisations and global corporations, meeting and demonstrating its products to end-users and officials including George Bush at the Gleneagles G8 summit. The brand has received significant overseas media exposure and has received very positive feedback “on the ground”.


CoreHouse (Single & Double)
Made using the unique “ReBUS” technology, the Company’s standard CoreHouse can be built in less than a day. The CoreHouse provides living and sleeping accommodation, including a toilet, shower, sink, a table and a toolkit that doubles up as a seat. CoreHouse (Double) has a larger surface area than the CoreHouse (Single).

Military Buildings
Military pre-fabricated buildings, made using the Company’s ReBus technology, offer accommodation to armed forces and peacekeepers “in the field”.
Other products include CoreShop, CoreClassroom & Toilet Block

All offers/notes of interest or requests for more information should be directed to Linda Shannon.

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