£Tens of millions recovered from the sale of IP assets by Metis Partners

Metis Partners provides a specialist, outsourced intellectual property asset sales service to maximise returns for insolvency practitioners and creditors.

Metis Partners has valued and recovered value for clients from various intellectual property asset classes, regardless of the business type, sector it operates in or its financial performance.


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We’ve sold…

  • Patents to US, Chinese and Russian multinationals and trade players as well as patent aggregators
  • A series of renowned furniture and furnishings brands
  • The design portfolio of an established jeweller
  • A dormant fashion brand for four times the original offer made to the insolvency practitioner
  • Copyright in the qualifications of an awarding body to a buyer who re-engaged over 7,000 students
  • Source code to the former clients of a software development company
  • Product testing and certification documentation
  • And a lot more…

Insolvency Practitioners continue to return and use our services due to our proven added value. We fee largely on a contingent basis, effectively paying for ourselves by building value in intellectual property assets and increasing the financial return.

Our international reach, built up through years of operating in the market, allows us access to an unparalleled network of buyers for intellectual property assets. Our auction process, and the introduction of new interested parties, ensures that competitive tension is created and the best result is secured for creditors.

Our award-winning dedication and expertise, as well as the significant value which we add, has been recognised by numerous awards. We were thrilled to win Asset Valuer / Auctioneer of the Year at the Insolvency and Rescue Awards 2011 and 2015 , and to be nominated as a finalist in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2016.

Our sales and marketing exercises include three key stages:

Intellectual Property Asset Identification

  • We carry out desk-based research using a range of sources
  • We communicate with relevant third parties including patent and trade mark agents where appropriate
  • We complete an IP Asset Discovery Exercise with management to identify and collate information on the full range of IP assets within a company (not just formal IP)
  • Our Metisology™ allows us to identify all intellectual property assets present in the business, including those not typically found on the balance sheet
  • We create sales and marketing documentation, including an Intellectual Property Asset Marketing Report, which catalogues and highlights value in the intellectual property assets


  • We handle correspondence and communications with potential buyers, including the circulation of sales and marketing documentation, the setting of deadlines and minimum offer levels and receipt of offers
  • We provide a bespoke auction strategy based on the circumstances of the case
  • Metis Partners approach a global network of contacts active in acquiring various intellectual property assets, as well as the client’s own known interested parties
  • Specific to every assignment, Metis Partners builds a bespoke database of potentially interested parties from multiple markets and sectors, carrying out our own internal market research
  • Targeted calls are made to potential purchasers of the IP assets
  • Our use of a third party PR firm and our social media activities ensure we maximise exposure for the IP asset sale
  • Our established auction process ensures competitive tension is created, resulting in the best possible return
  • We manage due-diligence enquiries and information requests

Sales Execution

  • Metis Partners facilitates offer acceptance
  • We liaise with the buyers’ and sellers’ solicitors to ensure timely completion… That means getting the sale over the line!

We have a flexible approach with IP asset sale assignments and we can do as much or as little of the process as is commercially required.