Articles, Trade Secrets

Why it matters

We noticed that trade secret metadata was being discussed within the LinkedIn community recently. As it happens, this is something not unfamiliar to us and our IP100 entrants. In fact, we will be working with an IP100 company on the development and implementation of their trade secret policy shortly.

Next steps

In summary, the strategy for the recognition, capture and protection of trade secrets with the IP100 company is as follows: (1) review the company’s existing processes for capturing invention disclosures and other potential trade secrets; (2) draft a trade secret policy with recommendations regarding the security measures and procedures that should be put in place within the context of the current business processes and inner “workings” of the company. The project will raise staff awareness of trade secrets and IP protection within the company, and will initiate the new policies that are to be implemented by the newly designated trade secret handlers and managers responsible for the better capture and protection of these valuable assets.

A key “by-product” of the project is the recognition of the importance of trade secret metadata by the company’s management and key staff members, i.e. the ability to communicate trade secrets without “giving away too much”. This ties in well with the new IP100 digital platform offering that is currently in development. The platform would provide IP100 entrants with the opportunity to confidentially showcase value in their IP assets, including trade secrets in the form of trade secret metadata, to investors and third parties, without running the risk of overexposure.

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