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Written by Founder CEO of Metis Partners, Stephen Robertson.

My mission at Metis has always been to put the spotlight on IP assets in business, as I believe most business owners don’t fully recognize the value of their IP, until perhaps an M&A buyer starts talking about exit multiples.  I strive to build trust in IP valuations and I believe that by providing our IP insights and a unique IP commentary, business owners can fully leverage the IP assets that are often driving the success and valuation of the business. That goal remains the same today, as it did twenty years ago when I founded Metis!

I hope these Metis Monthly INSIGHTS offer readers a new perspective on the hidden value of IP and how that can be leveraged in range of business scenarios.

Be in the Know‘ with this Month’s Spotlight

To kick off this New Year, this month’s spotlight is on “Desktop IP Valuations”, Check out the brief scenarios below on how our clients are utilizing Desktop IP Valuations.

Desktop IP Valuation Cases:

An early-stage software business was pursuing a Series A funding at a valuation dictated by the core equity funder. Out of left field, the business owner was approached by a publicly listed trade buyer. This triggered the owner to get a quick Desktop IP Valuation to better understand what the IP would be valued at in the hands of a buyer. The valuation helped with M&A price negotiations, and provided a proper narrative to be incorporated into the equity fundraising valuation discussions, as the owner explored both scenarios. Read More on the IP valuation for fundraising software.

A $200m retail business negotiating a re-finance had 4 key branded products which were manufactured in Asia. The top selling product accounted for 40% of revenue and the other three accounted for 35%, combined. The current lender had historical security over the top selling product brand and the related TMs. The advisers were exploring how to best leverage the brands portfolio in the re-finance discussions.  A Desktop IP Valuation on the 3 unsecured brands offered them a quick insight into the possible funding to be leveraged against them, rather than attempting a full refinance. Learn more about the IP valuation for Strategy Funding.

A £10m industrial products business was approached by a third party about licensing their products in the US.  This prompted a discussion about the benefits of setting up an SPV or IPCo to ring-fence the IP and facilitate licensing.  The business owners and their lawyers used our Desktop IP Valuation to help with their key decision making about royalty rates, license negotiations, and to shape their thinking on moving the IP out of the trading business into the SPV. Learn more about the Patent Valuation for formal IP Licensing – Build Materials.

Our Desktop IP Valuation is typically used by business owners and company management and is designed for internal use. It is therefore a briefer report that doesn’t need to narrate the results of our IP and valuation diligence. We don’t need to explain their business to them! Management are more focused on the IP valuation number and exploring how that can be best leveraged to achieve their business goals.

To find out how a Desktop IP Valuation can be an effective tool for you and to learn now the benefits of a low-cost, brief ten-page Desktop IP Valuation (and how it differs from our comprehensive, thirty-page Full IP Valuation), send your inquiry to and we are happy to answer any of your questions.

Written by Founder CEO of Metis Partners, Stephen Robertson.

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