The Client

The Client is a small US-based software company, specializing in the development and provision of a disruptive workstream collaboration platform that enables users to organize, communicate and manage workstreams effectively. The Company has invested many millions of USDs in patents, R&D and innovation in developing its highly scalable SaaS platform.

The Assignment

With its heavy investment in IP, proprietary SaaS platform and associated IP assets that were key in underpinning its competitive advantage and material revenues, the Client recognized that understanding the value of this IP bundle was critical to inform and support planned fundraising activities.

Our Approach

We delivered a Desktop IP Valuation on a fair value basis. Using our Metisology® approach, we performed an appraisal of the Company’s IP, assessing how effectively the IP assets are recorded, protected, and managed, and how they will be exploited to achieve the Company’s strategic business objectives.

We determined that software, patents, brands, critical databases, and key organizational knowledge all contributed to the Company’s product offering and revenue growth and our IP diligence enabled us to determine their contribution to the competitive moat around the business.

The Outcome

Despite the brief desktop nature of our valuation report, designed typically for business owners’ internal purposes, we delivered a robust valuation of the IP assets, reinforcing this with brief, relevant IP narratives, to help Management communicate the key value drivers of the IP, during their fundraising activities. Our valuation insights and $number gave Management the confidence to open up discussions with IP-backed credit providers for a bridge funding solution, with our support.

IP Assets Valued: Software, Patents, Brand, Critical Databases, Key Organizational Knowledge