The Client

The Client is a named inventor of multiple patents focused on pipe and duct innovations in plumbing and ventilation systems. These patents and associated designs were informally licensed to two operators in the Building Materials industry offering Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and piping solutions. Combined, these operators secured revenues of circa $5m for related products and services.

The Assignment

Our Client required a valuation of the patent portfolio in order to guide discussions and support the negotiation of formal IP licensing arrangements.  Having invested heavily in the innovations, our Client recognized the patent portfolio was the key driver of the competitive advantage, underpinning the technology-led services of the HVAC operators, enabling them to secure revenue growth and command price premiums in the market.

Our Approach

We delivered a cost-effective, Desktop IP Valuation. Using our Metisology® approach, we performed a deep dive into how effectively the IP assets were recorded, protected, and managed. Our valuation gave our Client confidence in communicating the extent, strength and value of the patents to support negotiations of formal IP licensing arrangements.

IP Assets Valued: Patents


The Outcome

Despite the brief desktop nature of our valuation report, designed typically for business owners’ internal purposes, we delivered a robust valuation of the IP assets, reinforcing this with brief, relevant IP narratives, to help Management communicate the key value drivers of the IP, during their fundraising activities. Our valuation insights and $number gave Management the confidence to open up discussions with IP-backed credit providers for a bridge funding solution, with our support.

IP Assets Valued: Software, Patents, Brand, Critical Databases, Key Organizational Knowledge