Octopus Investments – Success Story
Image credit: camerajabber.com

Octopus Investments – Success Story

Rotolight is an innovative, award-winning business based in London, specialising in the design and manufacture of cutting-edge LED lighting products for photographers and filmmakers. Rotolight’s LED lighting products function as continuous lights and high-speed sync flashes and their pioneering tech is favoured by high fashion photographers and Hollywood crews alike. To support both further product releases and expansion, Rotolight required financial investment of circa £5million.

This is where our client, Octopus Investments stepped in. Octopus acknowledged that Rotolight held significant IP assets and they were keen to assist in powering its future success, but before they could invest, they needed an expert opinion on those IP assets. Octopus relied on Metis Partners to undertake a Commercial IP Due Diligence Exercise to:

• assess the strength of Rotolight’s IP assets;
• make key recommendations to Rotolight to help bolster their IP protection; and
• provide advice on other IP matters, including Rotolight’s existing IP strategy.

Metis liaised with Rotolight management and performed comprehensive research to fully identify, not only the registered IP assets held by Rotolight, but also the often-overlooked, but equally important, informal IP in the Company. Using our unique proprietary methodology, we assessed the strength and quality of the Company’s IP assets and highlighted key risks that could impact their value. In outlining the strengths of and risks associated with Rotolight’s IP, Metis Partners provided the assurances necessary to Octopus to proceed with the capital investment.

So, to sum up:
• we provided an overview of the Rotolight IP portfolio and commentary on its strengths and weaknesses;
• we advised Octopus on the key risks that could impact the value of Rotolight’s IP assets, and made recommendations on how these can be mitigated;
• we provided the comfort Octopus needed to proceed with its investment in Rotolight.

We were delighted to use our expertise to facilitate this deal and wish both Rotolight and Octopus the best of luck with their partnership in the future.