Company name: Breaking Free Group

Industry sector: Digital Healthcare

Business activity: An evidence-based digital healthcare platform targeting addictive behaviours. The Group’s programmes harness the latest in digital technology to make effective interventions more powerful, engaging and accessible than ever before, including the world’s first online healthcare intervention to be delivered within a prison environment.

Why is IP important to you? Because we deliver clinically robust interventions in a healthcare setting, building and then evidencing our own IP is paramount to ensure that we address the needs of our customers and those commissioning the service on their behalf.

Does IP underpin your competitive advantage?  Yes, it does.  Digital healthcare is a fast evolving market, and as one of the most researched and commercially available platforms we believe our IP is a major asset.

Why did you enter the Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks IP100?  To benchmark where we rank against our peers today and seek guidance on where we focus moving forward.

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