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How to Increase Your Company’s Value Through Intellectual Property

Our CEO, Stephen Robertson, was recently a guest speaker on the “Branding Business” podcast, where he shared valuable insights on uncovering the hidden value of intellectual property (IP). In his discussion with host Ryan Rieches, Stephen emphasized the often-overlooked importance of IP, why business leaders should prioritize it, and the steps to effectively identify, protect, and leverage IP assets.

Tune in to gain essential insights into leveraging IP as a pillar for sustainable business success.

Some key insights include:

  • IP significantly contributes to a company’s valuation: Analysts and investors often assess a company’s software, patents, trademarks, brand, and reputation when determining its value.
  • Strong IP creates a competitive barrier: Well-protected IP acts as a competitive “moat” around the business, enhancing its value proposition for customers and increasing its appeal to investors, which can justify higher valuations.
  • IP as a strategy for growth: A robust IP strategy can help businesses scale, improve profitability, and increase market share.
  • Fundraising power: Strong IP assets are crucial in fundraising. Lenders and equity investors view strong IP as an indicator of a company’s growth potential and ability to generate sustainable, repeatable revenue.
  • Adapt for market changes: The business environment is dynamic. Companies must continuously monitor and adapt their IP strategy to new markets, customer behaviors, and technological advancements to maintain and enhance their brand and competitive edge.
  • Start early: Sellers often undervalue their IP at the point of sale. Recognizing and protecting IP early in a business’s lifecycle is crucial, as buyers typically value IP based on its potential for future revenue and growth.