Welcome to the IP100, the UK’s first intellectual property (“IP”) league table, compiled by Metis Partners in association with Umi.

The IP100 is an annual ranking of innovative companies based on a rating of their IP asset strength and track record in exploiting IP. The process involves an assessment of IP-specific data linked to the following IP asset classes: brands, software, patents, trade secrets and critical databases. The IP100 research team uses its proprietary process to calculate an IP score and subsequent ranking for each company.

The top scoring companies will be published in the IP100, an annual ranking of businesses which are considered to be the most effective at commercialising their IP assets.  The IP100 will be published and distributed across the UK


The IP100 is open to all UK businesses and is free to enter. 


The IP100 provides a platform for gaining recognition for the investment you have made in IP.

Make sure you are #IP100READY to:

• Attract new equity investment at highest valuation
• Exit at the very best price
• Secure new debt funding against the value of your IP
• Expand internationally with confidence
• Reward for investment in your innovation
• STOP theft of your IP!

IP has the ability to play an important role in transforming funding options available to your company, as IP assets can now be used to raise finance, realise value on the balance sheet or restructure debt.


Application deadline 18th October 2019 at 5pm.