APTA BIOSCIENCES IP Asset Acquisition Opportunity

APTA BIOSCIENCES IP Asset Acquisition Opportunity


Acquisition Opportunity

Metis Partners presents an exciting opportunity to acquire the intellectual property (“IP”) assets of Apta Biosciences Limited (“Apta” or “the Company”), a biotechnology developer of medical diagnostics and therapeutics, utilising synesthetic molecules as an alternative to antibodies.


  • Ground-breaking synthetic alternative to antibodies, with multipurpose application
  • Numerous opportunities for future development, including potential to patent oligonucleotides with 1013 identified molecules
  • Two generations of patent families from 15 years of R&D, with over £10m invested
  • 10 patent families comprising 25 patent filings, with international territory coverage


History: Founded in 2013, Apta is a spin-out company building upon patented technology previously developed over a ten year period by major Japanese technology company, Fujitsu.

SeligoTM: The Company has developed proprietary synthetic molecules, SeligosTM, which are a protein detection technology platform with multi-purpose application across diagnostic, therapeutic and imaging applications. SeligosTM are engineered to display a peptide binding sequence, fully synthetic and patent protected.

Further R&D: The Company has undertaken significant research and most recently have been focusing on the use of SeligosTM as diagnostic reagents, these are commercially attractive for this purpose due to their stability at room temperature.

Exploring immediate market needs: The Company has undertaken a collaborative case study with the National University of Singapore into SeligosTM targeting both West Nile Virus and Dengue 2.


 IP Assets for Sale include: 

  • Patent portfolio comprising 10 patent families, including US granted patents
  • Extensive organisational knowledge including lab book data and research documents, such as reagent data sheets and test data
  • Goodwill rights in the SeligoTM product brand
  • Goodwill rights in the Apta Biosciences corporate brand


Additionally, the successful purchaser has the opportunity to negotiate access to study data and consultancy of the inventors of the Company’s technology.


Access to a data room for more information can be provided upon the execution of a NDA.


Please note that a deadline for offers has been set on Wednesday 30th September at Noon (BST). .All interested parties should ensure that their best offer is submitted by this deadline. Following the deadline, Metis Partners reserves the right to request a further round of offers to be submitted above a minimum offer level.

Based on the level of interest and offers received to date please note that a minimum offer level has been set by the Joint Administrators at £75,000.

All offers and requests for more information should be submitted by email directly to Emily Muir, emily.muir@metispartners.com or on +44 (0)141 353 3011. Any offer conditions (clarifications of details or specific questions about assets) should also be included in the email.

All communication regarding offers should be made to Metis Partners.