Letter from America – League tables are not just for the big players!

Letter from America – League tables are not just for the big players!

My colleague, Hannah, wrote last week about Forbes’ release of this year’s most valuable brands. I wasn’t surprised to see the list being dominated by the prominent B2C consumer brands. Although it would be interesting to know which businesses are new to the list and which have successfully leveraged their brand to penetrate new markets, explore new territories and launch new products.

Hannah is correct, we could all learn from Apple in respect of building a world-beating brand, but brands are not just for global leaders – there are thousands of businesses that are investing in their brands and are successfully leveraging their brands to win market share. But these brands appear nowhere in the corporate statements as a business resource, so how are these businesses getting recognition for their investment? And what about the businesses that have invested in other IP assets that are critical in underpinning revenues?

We all love a league/ranking/table because it enables us to measure our achievements and accomplishments against others that we are either competing against or learning from.

We have received significant interest in our IP100 and IP League Table from business networks and tech forums since launching Metis Partners in the USA.  IP100 is our platform for IP-rich businesses many of whom have successfully raised money by getting in front of investors and lenders that are focused on high-growth businesses.

It is less about the ‘list’ and more about the fact that our IP League Table makes it easy to identify fast-growing IP-rich businesses that are looking to scale-up and need funding to grow quickly. This is what is attracting interest!

The IP100 team uses its proprietary process to calculate an IP score that is focused on IP as opposed to revenue generated to date. Investors and lenders are keen to quickly identify businesses that have quality IP and are already or near to commercializing that IP. They recognize that a strong IP score suggests the business has enough IP assets to underpin a robust and scalable business model – that’s what they are searching for.

Lists and rankings, like Forbes and IP100, are important reminders that IP is a critical business resource and one that can now be considered as security/ collateral. We can’t all make it on to the Forbes list, but we can provide you with an IP score and your IP ranking, if you are interested – and you could make it into the published Top 20 of the IP League Table, whether it’s the IP100 UK, IP100 San Diego, IP100 Boston…… the world is your oyster when you have the right IP behind you!

Author: Stephen Robertson, CEO

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