World IP Day Interview with Nick ‘the Kick’ Lowery

Happy World IP Day everyone!

This year we are celebrating IP and Sports – two of my favourite subjects.

You may have seen my recent musings over how IP has positively impacted sports, both in enhanced athlete performance and for the spectator, through technology, sports data, brand and retail. My recent post on Nike’s brand alignment with a critical social issue was about a brand wielding its power to give back; showing social conscience and raising awareness. My colleague, Stuart, today posted earlier his take on the power of athletes’ personal brands, in particular those of NCAA athletes.

It is fitting then, that our final IP-sports posting brings these two thoughts together – legendary, hall of fame, sporting legend Nick “the Kick” Lowery has established and built significant personal brand IP and uses his platform to improve the lives of those around him. I met with Nick earlier this week to hear how he has used his personal brand to both help disadvantaged youth through his Foundation and build awareness of the issue of head injuries in sports and the possible treatments using novel, healthcare IP. Nick’s emotional, informative and inspiring insight is the perfect close to our IP-Sports segment.