Metis Letter from America – 19.10.18

Metis Letter from America – 19.10.18
Since GDPR shut down my Friday Funnies I decided to write a regular column and so here is my first Metis letter from America.As many of you know, I’ve now relocated to the US with my family to grow the business. Although as it happens I’ve been in London this week and am back in November for the TRI awards dinner and another few client events, so I’m never far away!

Sleep time or dinner time – the only time I usually see bamboo is in a fry but here in California it’s promoted to help you get good night’s sleep…….

So it’s the end of my first week in California and I’ve been blown away by CHOICES on offer here – there’s just so many in every product category and the brands here are so creative and refreshing from what I’ve seen so far. Now If you’ve failed to notice the constant chatter in the media about the importance of getting a Good Night’s Sleep then you definitely need a “GNS” to relax, be present and be more aware of what’s around you. Anyway I had to make a decision about a duvet or a comforter (never heard of such thing before now – we don’t do them in the UK) – geez that took me into a whole new and vast range of options which I won’t bore you with, but one brand stood out and their sales approach was innovative – a free trial for 30 days and if you don’t like it then just return it.

The brand imagery was bold, the messages were bold and my Buffy arrived in an extra-large pizza box – cool. I don’t know if they are making any money yet but their brand has already created real value for the business contributing to their premium pricing. Beyond that value, if the various technical elements to the brand and their brand & TM strategy could be captured and measured then we could put a value on it – heck if they entered our IP100 I’m sure they would score well in the brand category alone.

Have a great weekend!