Burns Night 2017

Thank you for coming along to our annual Rabbie Burns Night!

Although the speeches were FAR too long, the tube was on strike and the fact we’d brought the freezing weather with us from Scotland, we hope you had as much fun as we did! There was certainly enough haggis consumed to keep us all topped up until next year…


Big congratulations to Team Fiducia who were top of the leader board of the Scottish-themed quiz! Commiserations to Geoffrey Martin who, to put it frankly, bombed.

But fantastic effort by all, here are the final scores:

1 Team Fiducia Marcus, Anthony, Andrew 13
2 Four O’Clock Scones Jeff, Liam, Mark 12
2 Repellent Haggis Sandra, Ken, Stephen 12
2 Last Year’s 1st Place Kirsty, John, Dan 12
3 We are Arsenal Mike, Neil, Neal 11
3 CAPA Mike 11
3 Jimmy McMacMc Johnathan and Kev 11
3 Jock ‘the Jock’ McTavish Stephen, Stephen and Alan 11
4 Tam ‘I can’t believe it’s not’ Angus Phil, Jim, Vanessa 10
4 What score did England beat Scotland on Nov 11 2016? Andrew, Dermot, Rob 10
4 The Back Boys Robbie, Martin, Hamish, Rupert 10
5 Hamish McSeamus David, Marc, Pat 9
5 LC Hilco Glaikit’s Ronnie, Spencer, John, Sam 9
5 Isa McGroin Dane and Sam 9
6 Geoffrey Martin Jenny, Andy, Claire, Matthew 6

Note: Team names in italics may or may not have been chosen by Metis Partners.

Thanks again for coming. We hope to see you again next year for more of the same.