Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks Back New IP League Table

Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks Back New IP League Table

Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks have signed up to back a new innovative league table, ranking the UK’s companies by the value of their intellectual property (“IP”).

The Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks IP100 will be complied for the banks by BQ Magazine and Metis Partners. It will be released twice a year by BQ in special reports – firstly in Scotland in the autumn, followed by another for the rest of the UK to be published early next year.

The IP league table will identify businesses which have invested significantly in intellectual property, in the form of IP management policies, R&D activities and IP commercialisation.

Metis Partners, an award winning IP solutions firm, will collate IP-specific data linked to five main IP asset classes including brands, software, patents, trade secrets and critical databases. From this the IP100 team will calculate an IP score for each business and rank the company based on these results.

As well as giving its name to the table, Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks believe the opportunities to work with the high growth IP rich companies featured in the IP100 league table is an illustration of the focus the banks are bringing to the SME sector.

David Hayers, Head of Growth Finance at Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks said: “Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks are proud to sponsor this new league table. It will give much needed recognition to a wide range of companies which have already started to commercialise their intellectual property. IP rich businesses are key growth drivers of the UK economy and yet have often found it challenging to secure debt finance to accelerate their growth plans.

“Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks have a strong pedigree in funding both early and late stage IP rich businesses. This partnership reinforces the banks’ commitment to this critical sector of the economy and is just one example of the innovative approach which we are taking to funding SMEs in the UK.”

Bryan Hoare, managing director of Room 501, publisher of BQ magazine, said: “We are delighted to be able to announce that Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks arepartnering with us in the league table. This association will assist in building the overall credibility of the listing.”

Stephen Robertson of Metis Partners added: “We are thrilled to have the Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks on board, having worked with them in the past on the many investments they’ve made in IP rich companies across the UK. We look forward to that relationship continuing around the IP100.”

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