Metis Partners establishes Intellectual Property Brokerage to channel huge fashion and retail interest

Metis Partners establishes Intellectual Property Brokerage to channel huge fashion and retail interest

Following the resounding success of sales in fashion and retail, intellectual property (“IP”) specialist Metis Partners is launching one of the UK’s first dedicated Intellectual Property Brokerage services to serve their rapidly expanding portfolio of clients.

The global consulting business, which has offices in Glasgow, London and USA, specialises in the assessment and exploitation of IP assets. It has added fashion and retail expert Ruby Chan to its team to harness the increasing number of approaches it is receiving following sales of IP assets from distressed scenarios in well-known brands such as Internacionale and Bank Fashion.

Joining Nat Baldwin, who has managed many of Metis Partners’ most successful IP Asset Sales, Ms Chan will assist in developing Metis Partners’ Intellectual Property Brokerage services within the company.

Nat Baldwin said: “Metis Partners has established a global reputation for its expertise in helping companies, especially high-profile retail brands in recent years, to value and fully capitalise on their IP assets. This is the motivation behind the development and expansion of Metis Partners’ Brokerage services.”

“Ms Chan has built up experience as a fashion professional, who will be able to leverage Metis Partners’ retail contacts to broker mutually beneficial transactions. Through her knowledge in fashion, she will assist in expanding the existing Metis Partners fashion retailer contacts, and act supportively in helping fashion brands and retailers in realising the value in their IP assets.”

By marketing the IP assets of leading fashion brands, Metis Partners has successfully achieved sales which have allowed the brands to continue trading, often avoiding the closure of High Street stores and therefore saving hundreds of jobs.

Notable successes include Ortak, the jewellery chain; accessible fashion brand Internacionale, which had hundreds of outlets across the UK; and Horrockses, an iconic name in the history of British fashion and lifestyle.

These and other IP assets marketing achievements led to a number of IP asset sales from brands outside of distress scenarios such as the Envy trademark, one of the most recognisable and coveted names in the world, which has been used by Calvin Klein for lingerie, by Gucci for perfume and by Hewlett Packard for the world’s first 3D laptop.

Metis Partners recently instructed in the sale of the brand and IP assets of leading high street fashion retailer Bank Fashion Limited, which has 84 stores, employs nearly 1500 people, and has a database of 800,000 customers.

The assets for sale included attractive menswear and womenswear brands protected by trademarks such as Ribbon, Heaven Sent, Kitsch Couture, Fred & Boston, Irreverence, Tortured Genius, Subsocial, Turn & Face, and Bishoujo.

Currently, Metis Partners is involved in sales featuring Miss Scarlett, the top-selling brand favoured by celebrities such as model Jasmine Guinness; Ocean Bay, the swimwear and summer clothing merchandiser; and TLX Sports, a crisp, cutting edge brand with limitless potential in the sportswear and active-apparel sectors.

Photo credit: Bank Fashion