SOLD: Ekos Global IP Asset Sale



  • Innovative e-commerce platform
  • Ekos Global software/source code
  • Quality-enhancing organisational knowledge, know how and trade secrets
  • Corporate brand/business name
  • Attractive website and 34 branded domain names


A minimum offer level for the Company’s assets has been set at £30,000. All offers or requests for more information should be submitted by email directly to Nat Baldwin at

This is a unique opportunity to acquire the intellectual property (“IP”) assets of Ekos Global Limited, the company behind the “software as a service” Ekos Global e-commerce platform that dramatically accelerates global expansion for retailers by launching localised versions of their online store across multiple international markets in a single day.


The intention behind the platform is to offer a simple, intuitive and on-demand self-service model for international online retail. Targeted at e-commerce businesses of all sizes, the Ekos Global platform eliminates traditional barriers to market penetration and offers opportunities for building trust and loyalty with international customers, scaling brands globally and achieving faster business growth. Using Ekos Global, retailers can quickly and easily reach buyers in markets currently comprising 90% of global e-commerce spending.The Company developed the Ekos Global platform, a new breed of e-commerce platform which offers businesses the opportunity to launch localised versions of their online stores in multiple locations worldwide within a short timeframe. The Ekos platform extrapolates the main client website into a desired localised version, which contains the relevant country features including local language, currency and legal terms and conditions.

The Ekos Global platform received excellent feedback from key industry figures within eight weeks of its launch. Whilst circa £500k has been invested in software development activities to date, the Company recently received further investment offers at a £2m valuation.

You can watch a video presentation of the Ekos Global e-commerce platform, please click below:


Ekos Global is a fully mobile, secure, cloud-based, global e-commerce service with a full and open application programme interface. The platform is able to create localised versions of online stores that run on Magento, Shopify, or Bigcommerce.  Alternatively, retailers can use the Ekos Global platform stand-alone for their entire global e-commerce operations.

 The software offers a number of attractive features and functionalities:

  • Creating localised stores within a day
  • Managing multiple localised stores centrally from a single place
  • Translation management system with support for both machine translation (Microsoft) and professional (human) translation
  • Market-specific pricing rules and automatic currency exchange conversions
  • Integration with Stripe and PayPal to support international payments
  • Product classification tool and automatic calculation of tax and import duties


The following conditions shall be applied to all offers: (1) legal completion will occur within 7 working days of acceptance; (2) a non-returnable deposit of 20% will be payable on offer acceptance (this will secure exclusivity); (3) in addition, the successful purchaser will be required to pay to Metis Partners a buyer’s premium of 10% of the purchase price on offer acceptance; (4) all offers submitted are deemed to be exclusive of VAT.


All offers should be submitted by email directly to Nat Baldwin at

Any offer conditions (clarification of details or specific questions about assets) should be included in the e-mail. All communication regarding offers should be made to Metis Partners. For any additional questions relating to the available IP assets or the sale process, please do not hesitate to contact Nat Baldwin.