Par Equity Sponsorship

Par Equity Sponsorship

Metis Partners were delighted to sponsor the recent Par Equity Annual Update – Thursday (4th December). Par Equity is an investment firm who concentrate on innovative, high return investment opportunities – aligning with many of the clients who seek our services for new funding options.

The event provided us with an opportunity to meet and network with many of Par Equity’s diverse range of portfolio companies who spoke of their experiences obtaining investment, as well as with representatives from Par Equity itself and other guests. We also had the opportunity to speak to talk to some of Par’s portfolio companies about IP assets and, like many SMEs, they hadn’t thought about how to protect these assets or put them on the balance sheet. We were however pleased to have already signed up one new client following the event!

The event itself was also used to raise money for the charity Par Equity are sponsoring this year, The Polar Academy – who seek out ‘invisible and forgotten’ young adults in our Scottish education system and turn them into positive role models for their families and communities. We were inspired by the stories of its founder Craig Mathieson, although given how cold we feel in Glasgow right now, we can’t say we would be overly keen on emulating his expeditions to the Polar regions!

Overall, it was a fantastic evening and an enjoyable and productive time was had by all. You can find out more about Metis Partners Advisory services here and The Polar Academy here.

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