Business IP Horror Stories


Horrific Tale #1: “IP was on bits of paper in folders around factory floor”

  • Long time manufacturing & profit margins being squeezed by customers
  • Nobody understood the competitive position in market
  • IP assets (tech specs) were a sunk cost and never recognized on balance sheet or as valuable back catalogue
  • Customers / market ignored this competitive advantage and scary alternatives to change
  • Metis IP support helped customers “understand” IP value & translated into price improvements

Spine-Tingling Tale #2: “Valuable IP seen as sunk cost”

  • Insolvency Practitioner was selling ALL assets (incl. IP) for £35k
  • Metis Corporate Recovery secured offers circa £200k for “forgotten” IP – US tech specs
  • Metis Partners highlighted value in European accreditations / specs to be sold
  • Company missed Metis IP Commercialization value & benefits pre-insolvency

Terrible Tale #3: “Brands not considered valuable”

  • Well known “niche” consumer goods brand over 25 years old
  • The business model scarily undervalued the brand
  • Weak Balance sheet from the terrifying omission of IP
  • Metis IPCo structure unlocked new finance opportunities & security for bank
  • New private investor invested in heritage brand value Metis Partners had uncovered

Terrifying Tale #4: “IP was out of sight so out of mind”

  • Visible branded high-performance motorsports parts
  • Material compound (secret sauce) from consultant & not protected through registered IP
  • Some TMs registered to subsidiary, secret sauce also saved on subsidiary servers
  • No formal IP ownership agreement in place between company and subsidiary!
  • Metis IP Audit identified risks and recovery action plan before the investors did

Scary Tale #5: “IP never seen as asset to be managed”

  • The Company was selling a business division
  • Packaged up assets & patents to be sold with a small team of staff
  • Metis IP Audit & IP asset management maps illuminated the big problem
  • The Company didn’t realize one patent & know-how was needed for product being retained
  • Avoided last minute changes to S&P agreement which may have resulted in price chip

Petrifying Tale #6: “Winning sales might just be the most valuable IP”

  • Innovation seen as sales tool to “win print orders”
  • IP value created & lost in a terrifying instant
  • IP value deemed short-term and “localized” so missed repeat business opportunity
  • Metis IP Audit created IP value recognition and new strategy for cost free revenue growth

tale7Hair-Raising Tale #7: “Protecting your brand for the cost of printing toner cartridges!”

  • Metis Corporate Recovery engaged to sell brand and IP assets
  • Great brand and growing brand awareness – but not registered!
  • During sale process 3rd party spuriously applied for CTM as a ransom strip / price chip mechanism
  • Metis Corporate Recovery quickly challenged TM application and sold the brand & maximized sales value

Nerve-Racking Tale #8: “Valuable IP isn’t always easy to see”

  • Competitor approached Management of bust company for student database (undervalued)
  • Metis Corporate Recovery identified scarily good assets; customer/supplier databases, copyright in qualifications, training materials and exam scripts
  • Metis Partners highlighted the value, created competitive tension and attracted new interested parties
  • Metis Partners achieved £tens 000’s of value for ALL IP assets for creditors – pity we weren’t called in before going bust