The Client

Ksubaka Limited

The Assessment

Metis Partners presents a unique opportunity to acquire the intellectual property portfolio relating to Smiles Survey technology.

Smiles Survey is an innovative survey platform which utilizes gamification to maximize user engagement.

Opportunity Highlights

  • Acquire proven software solution already successfully used by global retailers
  • Immediately differentiate your product offering from your competitors by acquiring this unique gamified survey platform
  • Provide your B2B customers immediate access to a unique customer insight tool that is proven to generate 100x more consumer engagement

Key Market Data

The Online Survey Software market is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 9% from 2020 to 2024. (Technavio)

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the usage of interactive kiosks, it is estimated there are 1.2m interactive kiosks in North America alone. (Grand View Research)

The Customer Experience market is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 17.5% from 2021 to 2027.(Grand View Research)

Anticipated growth in the Customer Experience Sector is linked with a focus on customer satisfaction and greater technological advancements. (Market Research Future)

Customer Feedback and Analytics company, FeedbackNow, was acquired by market research heavyweights Forrester Research in 2018 for a reported price of $8.4m. (PR Newswire)

Growth in the Retail Analytics market over the next five years can be attributed to the surge in online shopping and increase of use in big data. (Grand View Research)

The Smiles Survey technology is well-positioned in the marketplace, which enables you to gain a competitive edge over competitors and provide invaluable consumer insight to clients.

Relevant Sectors

  • Customer Experience Management
  • Retail Analytics
  • Online Survey
  • Interactive Kiosk
It is a particularly interesting prospect for companies that are already established in the provision of customer experience data analysis and which are looking for an additional software solution to assist with the harvesting of consumer data.
Continued reduction in physical touch points between consumers and retailers is driving the need for new methods of consumer engagement.

Relevant Business Background

The Smiles Survey B2B offering was developed by Ksubaka Limited, which identified that gamified surveys had the potential to generate a significant uplift in consumer engagement levels.

The Smiles Survey is delivered to consumers using kiosks that feature touchscreens, which can be situated in a variety of locations including fashion retail stores, restaurants, gyms and airports. The information gathered provides invaluable consumer insight and is utilised to inform business strategy.

A number of global high-profile retailers have utilised Smiles Surveys in-store in order to gather data from customers, including Tesco, Marks & Spencer, Aigle, American Eagle and Next. One London-based Next store reported a 9900% uplift in consumer interactions compared with the previous solution used to capture customer da

IP Assets For Sale


Smiles Survey differs from competitor products as it utilises gamification techniques to engage consumers and encourage participation, which in turn provides an uplift in invaluable consumer insight for clients. The Smiles Survey software is designed to provide consumers with a survey experience that is an extension of the client's brand.
The Smiles Survey is enhanced by the following technical features, which provides you with a proven software product.

Multi Response Enables all types of response from animated options to image and binary options.
Branching The complex architecture provides the ability to alter the composition of the survey through sequencing.
Gamification Transformation of the traditional consumer survey into a stand-out gamified experience.
Branding Easily incorporate the brand identity of the client to provide a survey that is an extension of the brand.

CRM Solutions & Performance Reporting

In addition to the software and processing of consumer data, the Smiles Survey platform also offers client performance reporting as well as solutions relating to Customer Relationship Management "CRM". The performance reporting functions uses an app to allows clients to instantaneously assess the real-time performance of specific areas within the business such as stores or departments, as well as by geographic location.
The performance reporting service breaks down the raw data to provide analysis and the app highlights action points for improvement, and offers a functionality of recommending actions to be taken.

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