FluidOil – Proven Oil Conversion Technology and IP Portfolio For Sale

Metis Partners presents an exciting opportunity to acquire the Intellectual Property (“IP”) portfolio of FluidOil Limited (in Administration) (“FluidOil” or the “Company”), an established R&D-focused business in the oil industry.

The IP portfolio for sale includes the Company’s proprietary and patented 'Viscositor Heavy to Light' ("VHTL") technology, underpinned by a decade of development and $100 million of investment. The Company’s solution significantly increases the economic viability of heavy oil by upgrading it close to source to produce a higher value synthetic crude oil. VHTL allows heavy oil producers to obtain a significantly higher price for their crude as well as reducing production and logistics costs.

This proven technology represents a unique opportunity to enter the heavy oil market, estimated to be valued at $85 billion in 2021 with Midstream and Upstream ventures readily available. Heavy oil is strongly placed to counteract for depleting supplies of conventional oil and as a result, there are significant opportunities for growth in the market.

The Opportunity Highlights:

  • Acquire a proven technology with more than $100m invested in its development, including a significant patent portfolio underpinning the Company's innovative VHTL, which is supported extensive organisational knowledge including raw process documentation.


  • Acquire a technology that can be deployed by building cost effective VHTL plants in the vicinity of oil refineries and crude gathering terminals, with excess by-product energy converted into electrical power which can be used by the site or sent to the local grid.


  • Access to significant opportunities for growth in the heavy oil market which is likely to become increasingly utilised in the coming years due to depleting conventional oil supplies, as demonstrated by the various joint ventures entered into by the Company, notably with the National Oil Company in Libya and Onda State Government in Nigeria.

This opportunity is likely to be of interest to a wide range of parties who recognise the growth and opportunity in the sector, including private equity buyers and entities in the oil industry.

Sales Process

Metis Partners has been instructed to seek offers for the Company's intellectual property assets by Andrew Watling and Simon Campbell of Quantuma Advisory Limited, acting as Administrators of the Company.

Contact Us

To receive more information, including an IP Asset Highlights document and access to a confidential data room, please contact Emre Turan at emre@metispartners.com or David Hood at david.hood@metispartners.com, or on +44 (0) 141 353 3011.