The Client

Ms C Francis and Mr D Dartnaill of BDO LLP

The Assessment

Metis Partners has been instructed to seek offers for the intellectual property assets of P&L Services Limited (in Liquidation) (the "Company").

Key Market Data

Not available at this time

Relevant Business Background

Founded in 1999, the business published informative and relevant insight into the latest developments within the FX industry. These publications were delivered through a printed magazine twice a year and through online articles.

The Company also ran Forex Network and Growth market series events which were premier industry networking events held in a range of international locations. Due to COVID 19 the Company has been unable to continue these events.


IP Assets For Sale


The opportunity to acquire a recognisable domain, associated with a 20-year track record in the Forex industry.

Business Name

The ability to use the business name "P&L Services Limited" with consent from the Liquidators, providing the acquirer
with the opportunity to take advantage of brand with a 20-year old reputation within the Forex industry.

Website Content

Copyright over certain Forex-related articles featured on the Company's website.

All enquiries should be addressed to Emre Turan ( or call +44 (0) 141 353 3011.