The Client

Mango Software platform ("Mango"), an award-winning mHealth software solution belonging to Greenmash Limited.

The Assessment

Metis Partners presents a unique opportunity to acquire the intellectual property (“IP”) portfolio relating to the Mango Software platform ("Mango"), an award-winning mHealth software solution belonging to Greenmash Limited. This platform is no longer considered core to their strategy. Mango is an established mobile mHealth software solution that has a broad range of functionality including data collection, intelligent survey deployment and automatic report generation that aids key decision making, which has had a demonstrable effect on healthcare quality and service delivery in lower-income environments with limited communications infrastructure. We are running a focused marketing exercise but, as always just wondered if in our network "doesanybodyknow" anyone you think may be interested, whom we can contact as part of our marketing exercise.

Opportunity Highlights

  • To acquire an easily-integrated and scalable software solution that has been deployed in a range of countries including Kenya, Uganda and Pakistan, and has been utilised by world leading pharmaceutical companies and Non-Governmental Organisations (‘NGOs’) for more than 10 years;
  • To obtain access to the mHealth sector, which is currently estimated to be worth $51bn and is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 11% between 2022 and 2030;
  • To acquire a fully commercialized mobile software platform likely to be attractive to a range of parties including mHealth software solution providers, Governmental projects and NGOs, and software solutions providers looking to enter or strengthen their position in the mHealth market;
  • To take advantage of the potential growth opportunities for a proven mobile healthcare platform designed for use in remote areas but which could potentially be utilised in areas of conflict to combat medical supply shortages;
  • To address the evident need for enhanced global mHealth infrastructure to combat a wide range of healthcare related issues, including assisting in the delivery of the COVID-19 vaccination in rural areas, and to tackle medical supply shortages in regions experiencing conflict.

 IP Assets For Sale

Download: Mango Software - Intellectual Property Asset Highlights

All bidders acknowledge that Metis Partners act as an agent and offer for sale only what rights, title and interest (if any) the seller possesses in the assets. Any sale will be without warranties (expressed or implied) or indemnities.

Any bids or requests for additional information should be submitted by email directly to Emre Turan at Any bid conditions or restrictions and any clarifications or questions relating to the IP assets should be made formally through email. All communications regarding bids should be made directly to Metis Partners and no other party.