Evince Technology - IP rich M&A opportunity

Metis Partners has been appointed as an agent to market the opportunity to acquire the intellectual property (“IP”) portfolio owned by Evince Technology (“Evince” or the “Company”). The Company has made a fundamental breakthrough representing an entirely new category of solid-state electron devices and sources based on synthetic diamond, which is considered by many to be the ultimate semiconductor material.

Founded in 2008, but with major development activity since 2016, Evince is a UK-based company which has sought to apply its core technology to early adoption opportunities in the high-value electron source component market. With a range of applications, including e-beam metrology and industrial x-ray inspection which can improve lifetime, brightness and resolution of existing technological approaches by 10x, it represents a strategic opportunity for a buyer to enter and achieve market share in a number of high-growth, $billion industries.


Opportunity Highlights

  • Acquire a disruptive and commercially scalable patent-protected platform technology backed by over $5m in investment, with applications across multiple high-growth, multi-billion-dollar sectors.
  • Acquire rights to the unique ‘Field Enhanced Quantum Tunnelling’ technology, an entirely new approach to electronics with the potential to revolutionise the semiconductor industry with inherently EMP/ radiation hard components capable of operating at 10 times the speed and efficiency of existing compound semiconductor technology.
  • Capitalise upon the Company’s momentum achieved through initial early adopter markets, providing a solid platform for growth in mainstream markets such as military and quantum power electronics.
  • An opportunity to acquire category defining IP in a burgeoning global semiconductor market increasingly driven by geopolitical factors currently worth $580bn[1], and forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 12.2% between 2022-2029[2].

[1] https://www.statista.com/statistics/266973/global-semiconductor-sales-since-1988/

[2] Global semiconductor market, Fortune Business Insights: https://www.fortunebusinessinsights.com/semiconductor-market-102365

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To enquire or learn more about this unique opportunity, please contact Emre Turan at emre@metispartners.com and David Fitzpatrick at david.fitzpatrick@metispartners.com, 0141 353 3011 or on +1 858 848 6911.


To enquire, please contact: Emre Turan at emre@metispartners.com. Any offer conditions should also be included in the email.