Please see below for a selection of miscellaneous domain names available for sale:
Metis Partners Miscellaneous Domain Names For Sale  
Domain Name Industry/Key Words Price (External) Buy/Make Offer
50cent.co.uk 50 cent, music, hip hop, rap, media, publishing, blogging, streaming £20k Contact Us
auctioningdomains.co.uk Software development, information technology, internet services, domaining £6k Contact Us
beerbrewing.co.uk Drinks, alcohol, beer, brewing, home brewing, food and beverage, retail, media, publishing, blogging £6k Contact Us
chineselanguage.co.uk Language, Chinese, education, online learning, continuing professional development, CPD, Mandarin, Cantonese, media, publishing, blogging, career development £20k Contact Us
consulting.co.uk Consultancy, management consulting, business consulting, careers, human resources £100k Contact Us
coveringletters.co.uk careers, human resources, media, publishing, blogging £10k Contact Us
currencymarket.co.uk FX currency, foreign exchange, Forex, exchange rate, travel money, finance, investment £20k Contact Us
lawns.co.uk Lawns, home serivces, home improvement, DIY, gardening, media, publishing, blogging £16k Contact Us
lawns.uk Lawns, home serivces, home improvement, DIY, gardening, media, publishing, blogging £10k Contact Us
massaging.co.uk Massaging, beauty, spa services, spa treatment, sports massage, physiotherapy, therapy, health, wellness, fitness, sports £10k Contact Us
musicfestivals.co.uk Ticketing, music, music festivals, events, venues, event management, booking, aggregator, media, publishing, blogging, entertainment £20k Contact Us
organmusic.co.uk Retail, musical instruments, music, media, publishing, blogging, organ music, classical music £6k Contact Us
pollen.co.uk Weather, environment, pollen count, allergy, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, health and safety, wellness £6k Contact Us
rehearsalstudios.co.uk Music, booking, venues, rehearsal studios, rehearsal space, rental, dance, entertainment £6k Contact Us
revenues.co.uk Finance, investment, accountancy, tax £6k Contact Us
rockmusic.co.uk Retail, musical instruments, music, media, publishing, blogging, rock music £6k Contact Us
venturecapitalism.co.uk Private equity, finance, financing, start up, high growth, investment, funding, £10k Contact Us


All offers and requests for more information should be submitted by email directly to Ruby Chan (ruby@metispartners.com). Any offer conditions (clarification of details or specific questions about assets) should also be included in the e-mail. All communication regarding offers should be made to Metis Partners, not the domain name owners.


The following conditions shall be applied to all offers: (1) legal completion will occur within 7 working days of offer acceptance; (2) any offers made in relation to the domain names are deemed to be exclusive of Escrow fees and VAT, and Escrow fees and VAT are likely to be payable. Full terms and conditions are available on request.