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Company name: WheelRight

Industry sector: Automotive Telematics

Business activity: Tyre condition monitoring.  Measuring tyre pressure, tread depth around the circumference, axle and vehicle weight by means of drive over technology that requires NO equipment on the vehicle. Multi-vehicle and multi axle from minis to HGV all on the one device.

Why is IP important to you? Our technology for measuring the characteristics of tyres on a vehicle whilst it is in motion without placing any equipment on the vehicle is unique and the result of lengthy R&D. We measure Tyre pressure, Axle / vehicle weight, tread depth and tyre temperature as a vehicle drives over the instrument at any speed up to 15mph. Protecting our IP is very relevant.

Does IP underpin your competitive advantage? We are talking to international corporates about the application of our technology worldwide so yes is the answer.

Why did you enter the IP League Table? This seems a good way to get our company and the IP that we have developed recognised by a wider audience and one that we have not yet spoken to.


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