Company name: UWI Technology

Industry sector: Food and Drink

Business activity: UWI Technology has developed a patent granted elapsed time indicator, known as the UWI Label (pronounced “yoo-wee”), which is a unique elapsed time indicator in that it is flexible, self-activating, mounted fully on the outside of the packaging and can be applied as part of the standard packaging process. Using cutting edge technology, the time display on the UWI Label can cover a few minutes, to hours, days, weeks up to around 2-3 months. This means the UWI Label is a suitable indicator for a vast range of products and materials that degrade over time. The label can be applied with the same machines as standard tamper proof labelling and so easily integrated into the current packaging process. The label self-activates as the packaging is opened so there is no need for the user to ‘remember’ to start it. A manually activated version of the label is available for use in more controlled and professional environments. These labels are available in a variety of timeframes delivered on rolls or sheets to self apply at the time of mixing a product. We have also developed an electronic version of the UWI Label that will increase time periods up to one year. As well as the timing facility, we are looking to add additional features like sensors for temperature, humidity and pressure and also the possibility of location and being able to communicate with other devices, so that it becomes part of the Internet of Things. While the original idea came about to solve an issue in the food industry, the UWI Label easily works in drink, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, veterinary, aerospace, engineering and cosmetics to name but a few. In fact anything that has a critical shelf life once opened or mixed together will benefit from the use of a UWI Label.and materials that degrade over time.

Why is IP important to you: IP gives us our advantage and our defence. Having patents in Canada, America, UK, Europe, China and Japan, we have followed this up with logo registration in these regions as well to protect our brand.


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