Company name: Toshiba Medical Visualization Systems

Industry sector: Software / Medical Devices

Business activity: Toshiba Medical Visualization Systems is a research and development centre that creates advanced image analysis and visualization software for use in medical scanners such as CT, MRI and Ultrasound. Our software is integrated into Toshiba Medical’s scanners and radiology workstations and is in use in hospitals across the world. With around 100 software engineers, scientists, clinical specialists, testers and others at our Edinburgh office, we work closely with Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation colleagues in Japan, USA and China, and maintain strong links with local hospitals and universities. Toshiba Medical became independent of the Toshiba Group in March 2016, and has been a subsidiary of Canon Inc. since December 2016. The new company name, “Canon Medical Systems Corporation” will be introduced around the beginning of 2018.

How does IP underpin your competitive advantage? Toshiba Medical operates in a highly competitive marketplace, competing with the likes of GE, Siemens and Philips. Progress is achieved through detailed understanding of clinical users’ needs, coupled with tirelessly refined technical solutions. Protecting these solutions through our patent portfolio is essential. At TMVS, we task all employees to propose potentially patentable ideas, both within their current project work and within the wider product domain in which we operate.


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