Company name: Tookie

Industry sector: Medical Technology

Business activity: Tookie Limited (“Tookie”) is a HealthCare Innovation Business, driving ideas from concept to reality. Established in 2015, Tookie has spent from 2015 to date developing a product portfolio and robust “adoption” processes. Tookie overall aim is to bring a portfolio of Tookie products to market, seeking validation of “Proof of Concept” in the UK National Health Service (NHS) for each of its innovative products. Tookie products are patient/parent and clinician driven innovations, focusing upon security of Central Venous Catheters (CVC); products are relatively simple and appeal immensely to patients/carers and clinicians – addressing unmet needs of patients, all of which make Tookie product and the business attractive. The health benefits of all Tookie designs are broad – with the fundamental ethos of enabling patients using to return to a life with greater levels of normality, freedom & independence – “A LIFE MORE NORMAL” – enabling more active participation in activities of their choice. This is the focus of Tookie, rather than the Tookie products themselves – which are considered only as enablers to leading “A life more normal”.

Why is IP important to you: IP is central to the Tookie Strategy. It is essential that Tookie makes most of the mechanisms designed to protect IP rights. IP is/will be filed for all Tookie Products, covering the following aspects of our business:

  • Patents – to protect Tookie inventions, covering how our technologies work, what they do, how they do it, what they are made of and how they are made.
  • Trade Marks – to protect the Tookie Brand and what we stand for.
  • Design – to protect the overall visual appearance of Tookie innovations.


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