Company name: SwiftKey

Industry sector: Technology

Business activity: SwiftKey makes a leading smartphone keyboard app powered by AI and its technology features on more than 250 million devices worldwide

Why is IP important to you? At SwiftKey, we’re incredibly proud of our innovation and the output of our innovative activity is usually intellectual property of some kind. As a global high tech software business, the vast majority of our assets are IP, such as the SwiftKey brand, the source code for our products, our user experiences, our language data and know-how, and the amazing inventions that allow us to bring products like our mind-reading SwiftKey Keyboard to market. The importance of these assets is demonstrated by our comprehensive approach to IP rights, including portfolios of patents, trade marks, designs, copyright, database rights, and trade secrets. IP helps us to secure investment, differentiate our products, reduce risks, and ultimately to increase the value of the business.

Does IP underpin your competitive advantage? Absolutely. SwiftKey disrupted the predictive text input market with a fundamentally different approach and novel technology, and it is essential for us to be able to differentiate with this, as well as our language data and know-how. We also have a loyal and rapidly growing customer base, and so value from our brand is immensely important to our success.

Why did you enter the IP League Table? Two reasons. Firstly, because we believe SwiftKey is a good example of how tech startups can successfully manage IP and provide significant value to the business, and a position in the IP League Table would help us to further demonstrate this story to our investors, partners and customers. Secondly, we believe IP is incredibly important to all businesses, and anything that can raise the awareness of IP best practices is something we would be proud to support.

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