Company name: Speech Graphics

Industry sector: Technology and Computer Animation

Business activity: Developing and selling speech technology.

Why is IP important to you? IP is very important to the success of Speech Graphics. We have developed not only our own unique facial animation system, but proprietary speech technology that drives it. This technology is industry-leading, and allows us to create facial animation that is not only of a very high quality, but can be produced incredibly quickly by analysing speech and recreating it on a character. We also have a huge focus on furthering our existing technology and developing new applications for it, all of which involve the protection and utilisation of IP.

Does IP underpin your competitive advantage? Our IP is critical for our competitive advantage. Our IP in speech and animation technology is the best in the industry. The vast majority of our competitors are either using vision-based systems or are licensing outdated speech technology, giving Speech Graphics a significant advantage. By owning and protecting our IP, we ensure that we will continue to produce ground-breaking facial animation.

Why did you enter the IP League Table? We are very proud of our IP, and are continuously investing in research and development to further our reach. The IP League Table is the first in the UK to rank innovative companies like ours, based on dedication to creating, developing and protecting IP. It is also a great opportunity to introduce Speech Graphics to new markets outside of computer animation and entertainment, as well as highlight a key aspect of our business. We are proud to be a part of the first Table, and we are very excited to see where we land!

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